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Write a Killer CV, Discover Hidden Jobs, Succeed at Interview
David McWhir: The Ultimate Job Hunting Book

From ​crafting the perfect CV and finding the job of your dreams, to writing a great cover letter and winning at interview, THE ULTIMATE JOB HUNTING BOOK is a dynamic collection of tools, techniques, and strategies for success. Short, punchy chapters mean you can read up quickly and start applying what you've learned immediately.

* Part 1: Your CVs Masterclass
* Part 2: Your Job Hunting Masterclass
* Part 3: Your Cover Letters Masterclass
* Part 4: Your Job Interviews Masterclass

Discover the main themes, key ideas and tools you need and bring it all together with practical exercises.

ULTIMATE books are for managers, leaders, and business executives who want to succeed at work. From marketing and sales to management and finance, each title gives comprehensive coverage of the essential business skills you need to get ahead in your career. Written in straightforward English, each book is designed to help you quickly… (tovább)

Hodder & Stoughton, Croydon, 2015
438 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781473683938

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