David J. Shepherdson (szerk.) · Jill D. Mellen (szerk.) · Michael Hutchins (szerk.)

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Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals
David J. Shepherdson – Jill D. Mellen – Michael Hutchins (szerk.): Second Nature

Growing ​recognition of the complexity of animals' physical, social, and psychological lives in the wild has led both zookeepers and the zoo-going public to call for higher environmental standards for animals in captivity. Bringing together the work of animal behaviorists, zoo biologists, and psychologists, „Second Nature” explores a range of innovative strategies for environmental enrichment in laboratories and marine parks, as well as in zoos. From artificial fleeing-prey devices for leopards to irregular feeding schedules for whales, the practices discussed have resulted in healthier, more relaxed animals that can breed more easily and can exert some control over their environments. Moving beyond the usual studies of primates to consider the requirements of animals as diverse as reptiles, amphibians, marine mammals, small cats, hooved grazers, and bears, contributors argue that whether an animal forages in the wild or plays computer games in captivity, the satisfaction its… (tovább)

Smithsonian Books, Washington, 1999
350 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781560983972 · ASIN: 1560983973

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