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A Practical Guide to the Skills and Techniques
David Harris: The Art of Calligraphy David Harris: The Art of Calligraphy

Here ​is a comprehensive guide explaining everything you need to know to master the skills and techniques of beautiful writing.

Beginning with a review of Western calligraphy from antiquity to today’s electronic age, The Art of Calligraphy helps the reader choose equipment–brushes, pens, pencils, papers, and inks–and then shows exactly how to hold and angle the pen to produce every letter of the alphabet in a number of different scripts.

Detailed practical instruction: Key elements of letter anatomy are explained in detail–step-by-step constructions show each essential step in creating the distinctive characteristics of 26 styles. All the major Latin-based scripts are included–from Roman Imperial and Caroline to Gothic, Renaissance, and Copperplate scripts.

Easy-to-follow examples: The Art of Calligraphy features the very best historical and contemporary examples of each style, offering guidance and inspiration in this age of computer-generated type. Soon… (tovább)

Dorling Kindersley, New York, 1995
128 oldal · ISBN: 9781564588494

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