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Using Gamification to Incentivize Your Library
David Folmar: Game It Up!

Using ​game thinking and game mechanics in non-game settings to promote engagement and learning is a new trend in both business and education sectors. Savvy marketers are gamifying their efforts by offering customers loyalty badges, check-in incentives, and achievement rewards and clever employers are leveraging this new trend to gamify their training and innovation processes. Discover how you can use game design techniques to involve patrons and motivate staff in your library. This primer will walk you through incorporating game thinking into bibliographic instruction, staff training, the online catalog, and more. Learn how to gamify the library experience.

This A–Z guidebook covers a range of exciting ways to use gamification in your library. Readers will learn the ins and outs of gamification techniques through projects, such as:
– badge hunts for staff orientation;
– a “face of the library” game for patron services;
– badges for your programs;
–… (tovább)

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… there will always be a player who will look to play the game not on the way you want, but the way they want. Don't fight this trend; know this and accommodate all the kinds of players.

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David Folmar: Game It Up! Using Gamification to Incentivize Your Library

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