The ​Konrad Saga (The Konrad Saga 1-3.) 0 csillagozás

David Ferring: The Konrad Saga

The ​tale of the young orphan Konrad and his quest to rid his land of foul beastmen and to discover the secret of his mysterious past is now reprinted for the first time as a collected omnibus with all three novels (Konrad, Shadowbreed and Warblade) in a great value package.
His past lost…His future uncertain…Konrad must face his destiny alone. Orphaned at an early age, Konrad's tempestuous life is further upheaved when his adoptive village is destroyed by the vile bestial servants of Chaos, leaving him cast adrift in a world of danger and adventure. Alone and hunted, the fierce young warrior sets off in search of the truth of his ancestry and the mysterious forces that seem to have a hand in his destiny. Konrad's adventures take him across the length and breadth of the Empire, from the majestic capital Altdorf, to the merchant city of Marienburg and even beyond, into the great Northern Wastes, home to dread servants of Chaos and maybe even to the roots of his shadowy past.… (tovább)


Black Library, Nottingham, 2005
650 oldal · ISBN: 9781841542768

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