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David Benioff: The 25th Hour David Benioff: The 25th Hour David Benioff: The 25th Hour David Benioff: The 25th Hour

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In ​24 hours, handsome 27-year-old drug dealer Monty Brogan will enter Otisville Federal Prison to do seven years hard time. His father wants him to run. His drug-lord boss, Uncle Blue, wants to know if he squealed. His girlfriend isn't sure what she wants, and his two best friends know one thing for sure: after he goes in, he will never be the same. In this character-driven crime novel, first-time novelist Benioff dazzles with a spellbinding portrait of three high school buddies confronting the consequences of their carefree youth on the streets of New York. Monty really wanted to be a fireman, but fell in love with „sway,” the deference afforded a young man with important connections. For the past five years, he's been selling drugs for Uncle Blue in Manhattan, to moneyed and celebrity clients. His pal, maverick bond trader Frank Slattery, thirsts for serenity, but dreams of avenging old wrongs while fighting his covert lust for Monty's Puerto Rican girlfriend. Despite Monty's… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2000

Plume, 2002
224 oldal · ISBN: 0452284198
Plume, 2002
224 oldal · ISBN: 0452282950
288 oldal · ISBN: 0340822295

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Wherever you sleep tonight, women, wherever you laid your head, that is where I want to be. Inside the walls is a tangle of faulty wiring, set to spark and flare when the time is right, and you will sleep through the stink of melted copper and burning plaster, you will sleep through the small grabbing hands of the first flames, until the curtains ignite and smoke begins rolling across the ceiling and you finally open your eyes. I will come for you then, when the wallpaper is bubbling on the walls. I will walk through the burning doorway, one step ahead of the collapsing ceiling. I will lift you from your bed and carry you to the window, hoist you over my shoulder, climb down the fire escape, and leave you with the medics. Because it's true: I would have been a wonderful fireman.

91. - 92. oldal (Caroll & Graf Publisher, Inc., New York, 2000)


It's a city of maniacs. What am I doing here ?

81. oldal (Caroll & Graf Publisher, Inc., New York, 2000)


They found the black dog sleeping on the shoulder of the West Side Highway, dreaming dog dreams.

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This is a good dog. I can see it in his eyes.

3. oldal (Caroll & Graf Publisher, Inc., New York, 2000)


Slattery has a hard time letting things go. At night he often dreams of avenging slanders real or imagined, wakes with a feeling of satisfaction, of justice, only to realize that the vindication is mere fantasy, the wrongs still unrighted. All the men he has not fought but should have. One time when Slattery was drinking at closing hour, a bouncer said, „Time's up. Out.”
'Let me just finish my beer."
The bouncer knocked the glass from Slattery's hand. „You're finished.” Two other large men came over, flanking their co-worker.
„What the fuck was that for ?” asked Slattery.
„Do Something,” said the bouncer. Slattery did nothing. He left the bar and walked home and has been cursing himself ever since.
Or the mad-eyed man on the R train, who cursed when Slattery accidently stepped on the man's foot. Slattery had promptly apologized but the man thrust his damp face inches from Slattery's eyes. „You want to throw with me , motherfucker ? You want to throw with me ?” Slattery had turned and walked away and the man hollered at his back, „That's what I thought, motherfucker. You better run!”
That was ten years ago. Slattery was seventeen. Any rational New Yorker would have walked away from that fight – never brawl on the subway: never brawl with a lunatic – but Slattery is unconsoled by his rationality. He replays the encounter in his mind time after time, imagining the perfect response – the perfect right hook, the perfect double-leg takedown, the perfect head butt. But the mad-eyed man is gone, untouchable.

16.-17. oldal (Caroll & Graf Publisher, Inc., New York, 2000)


The waiter comes over to take their order, scowl at their selections, and grab their menus without saying a word. Jacob imagines the waiter as the great poet of his generation, forced to flee Chine for supporting dissident causes, forced to make a living serving food without spice to men without talent.

77. oldal (Caroll & Graf Publisher, Inc., New York, 2000)

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