Shark ​& The Wolf 1 csillagozás

Predators and Prey
Daniel D. Shields: Shark & The Wolf

Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey is an allegorical novel about the exploitation of animals for the mere purpose of human sustenance and entertainment.

It takes place in a world where certain species of animals have evolved both intellectually and physically side by side with humans. In its own small way it gives a voice to the other species we share this planet with.

The novel addresses contemporary themes such as slavery, human and animal trafficking, love, friendship, greed, revenge and of course romance.

Fast paced and engaging, Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey is distinctive because it is unique, hard to categorize, and unlike any other books in the current marketplace.

CreateSpace, Washington, 2011
234 oldal · ISBN: 1461092396

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