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Dan Simmons: Omega Canyon

Paul and Erik Haber are Vienna-born brothers who fled Nazi-controlled Europe as Hitler tightened his grip. The first, a physicist who had to leave behind his Jewish wife and child as he escaped, is designing the atomic bomb at Los Alamos; the second is a commando in Britain's legendary Special Operations Executive working on the top-secret ALSOS Mission to seek out Nazi atomic scientists across Europe. When Paul is blackmailed by a German agent who wants him to betray America, he sees a slim, dangerous chance for Erik to rescue his wife and son. Now, as one brother tries to end the war, the other must risk everything to save his brother's family. With action ranging from Los Alamos labs to the battlefields of Europe and ruined cities of Germany, Omega Canyon is a story of daring action, brotherly love and the fight for freedom.

Little, Brown Books, London, 2021
448 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780316198905

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