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Dan Maharry: TypeScript Revealed

TypeScript ​Revealed is a quick 100-page guide to Anders Hejlsberg's new take on JavaScript. With this brief, fast-paced introduction to TypeScript, .NET, Web and Windows 8 application developers who are already familiar with JavaScript will easily get up to speed with TypeScript and decide whether or not to start incorporating it into their own development.

TypeScript is ‘JavaScript for Application-scale development’; a superset of JavaScript that brings to it an additional object-oriented-like syntax familiar to .NET programmers that compiles down into simple, clean JavaScript that any browser can run today. It’s also tied to the next version of the JavaScript standard, which means that TypeScript will continue to evolve over time to keep in step with that standard and with the capabilities of the engines that will execute JavaScript applications.

If you are a .NET developer, Web designer or developer, or a programmer with a keen interest in scalable applications,… (tovább)

Apress, 2013
104 oldal · ISBN: 9781430257257

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