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10000 years of history and civilisation

The ​purpose of this publication is to help you discover and appreciate our cultural treasures. Many of these are included in this booklet, however, it is beyond the scope of a publication of this size and nature to provide a detailed reference.

The antiquities of Pafos, the Neolithic Settlement of Choirokoitia, as well as nine Byzantine Churches from the Troodos region are included in the official World Cultural Heritage list, thereby endorsing their importance.

The personnel of the Information Offices of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in Cyprus and abroad will be happy to help you plan your visits in the best possible way. The various publications and leaflets, available free of charge in our offices, contain a variety of useful information on Cyprus.

Unfortunately, since July 1974 a significant part of our cultural heritage is under Turkish occupation and as a result acquaintance with it is impossible. This heritage has been suffering deliberate and… (tovább)

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