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And his dark blue tie, which he wore loose over a white, untucked button-down was actually imprinted with the Hogwarts seal. “You like Harry Potter?” I asked, nodding to it.
“Hell yeah,” he said enthusiastically. Then, like he’d caught himself, he said, “I mean, yeah. Harry Potter’s pretty cool. If you’re into that sort of thing.”
I grinned. “I wear my Gryffindor jersey at least once a week.”
“Oh. That’s good.” He looked relieved. “I thought I’d blown it in the first five minutes.”

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Austin Harris · Harry Potter-sorozat · Sally Sue Spitz
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When Mom let Hooker into the house, I didn’t even look up from my book. Gilbert was about to ask Anne to marry him, and like an idiot, she was going to stomp all over his heart. Turning the page, I sighed. Nice people always got trampled by the ones they loved.