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„I have come to speak the truth,” Isus boomed, „to reveal to thou thine higher self.”
I leaned over to Kildy and whispered, „Why is it they never learn how to use ‘thee' and ‘thou' correctly on the astral plane?”
„Shh,” Kildy hissed, intent on what Isus was saying.
„I bring you the long-lost wisdom of the kingdom of Lemuria and the prophecies of Antinous to aid thee in these troubled days, for thou livest in a time of tribulation. The last days these are of the Present Age, days filled with anxiety and terrorist attacks and dysfunctional relationships. But I say unto ye, thou must not look without but within, for thee alone are responsible for your happiness, and if that means getting out of a bad relationship, make it so. Seek you must your own inner isness and create thou must thine own inner reality. Thee art the universe.”
I don't know what I'd been expecting. Something, at least, but this was just the usual New Age nonsense, a mush of psychobabble, self-help tips, pseudo-scripture, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.
I sneaked a glance at Kildy. She was sitting forward, still clutching her pillow tightly to her chest, her beautiful face intent, her mouth slightly open. I wondered if she could actually have been taken in by Ariaura. It's always a possibility, even with skeptics. Kildy wouldn't be the first one to be fooled by a cleverly done illusion.
But this wasn't cleverly done. It wasn't even original. The Lemuria stuff was Richard Zephyr, the „Thou art the universe” stuff was Shirley MacLaine, and the syntax was pure Yoda.

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Connie Willis: Time is the Fire The Best of Connie Willis

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A friend of mine said that when she went to see
the Leonardo DiCaprio-Claire Danes version
of Romeo and Juliet,
she saw two young girls come out of the theater crying.
„I didn't know they died!” one of them sobbed to the other.

I know. I laughed, too.

But what if you didn't know how Romeo and Juliet ended?
What if you were seeing it for the first time?

How fast did you race through the pages
the first time you read Lord of the Rings?
or The Cold Equations?
or The Hunger Games?

Or Rebecca?
Or Les Miserables?

How late did you stay up to finish the book?

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Connie Willis: Time is the Fire The Best of Connie Willis