The ​Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene – Including the Lost Verses of The Gospel of Mary 0 csillagozás

Claire Nahmad – Margaret Bailey: The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene – Including the Lost Verses of The Gospel of Mary

This ​is the story of Mary Magdalene as never told before. She did marry Jesus, she did bear his child, but her significance is infinitely more profound and immeasurably more important.
Claire Nahmad and Margaret Bailey re-evaluate the significance of Mary Magdalene and cast her in an entirely new light. They have discovered that she was the spiritual equal of Jesus, and their partnership exemplified the crucial balance of male and female in spiritual and worldly life.

Jesus gave her the title of „Magdalene” – which means both „tower” and „magnificent” – because he recognised her as his consort and co-teacher. He also called her „the All” and „Mary Lucifera” (Mary the Light-Bringer). Her secret teachings, which appear in this book, are Mary's gift to humanity, a gift that signals a new age – and that age is about to begin.

The lost section of the Gospel of Mary has been revealed to the authors and is published here for the first time. It offers the hidden key… (tovább)

Duncan Baird, 2006
322 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781842931820 · ASIN: 1842931822

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