X-Men: ​From The Ashes 3 csillagozás

Chris Claremont: X-Men: From The Ashes

Can the Phoenix rise – again?

Mutants are all around us. Some are good, others unspeakably evil. But they are all gifted – gifted with a unique X-Factor in their genetic make-up that makes them living weapons, manifesting itself through wondrous powers. And, even within this special community, there is a group that has distinguished itself… the Uncanny X-Men… who have honed their awesome abilities and pledged them in service of mankind.

One of their number – Jean Grey – had unwittingly attained power beyond conception. As Phoenix, her merest shrug could incinerate a world and as Phoenix she died. But now a new woman, Madelyne Pryor, appears who could be Jean Grey's twin. Can she be the Phoenix reborn? The key to Madelyne Pryor's identity will either unlock the mutants' buried hearts or destroy them – utterly.

Collects Uncanny X-Men #168-176.

Marvel, USA, 1997
218 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 0871356155 · ASIN: 0871356155 · Illusztrálta: Paul Smith, John Romita Jr.

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