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Charlie Waite – Adam Nicolson: Landscape in Britain

'There ​is a slightly rotten shed in the middle distance. The sky unfurls in motorway diagrams of receding cumulus, wisping at the edges. The country has been entirely cleared of human beings, and almost nothing has happened in it since about 1760. Nothing blurs, and an electric neon-lit clarity hovers over the entire scene. There is a sense of perfection on the verge of decay… It is impossible to call Charlie Waite either a romantic or a classical photographer, since he finds in the most romantic of subjects the classic elements of balance, measured near symmetry and the comfort of patterned order.'

Thus, in his eloquent introduction, Adam Nicolson defines the sense of beauty and purity of the photographs in this book. In almost 150 images, the majority in colour, Charlie Waite illuminates a new way of looking at the landscape – one that avoids the twin pitfalls of hazy pastorialism and cheap quirkiness. Instead he has found a form of perfection that is as readily found in… (tovább)

Bloomsbury, London, 1995
160 oldal · ISBN: 1854714821

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Baki P>!

I have often wondered what induces me to stop at a particular place and to realise that it is a photograph.

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