Restitution ​From His Mate (A Paranormal's Love 8.) 0 csillagozás

Charlie Richards: Restitution From His Mate

Into ​the Paranormal World: Sometimes running from something will lead you right to it.

Logan McByrne enjoys working at his construction company, drinking beer with his buddies, and sex with no strings attached…usually in that order. When his occasional hook-up, the gargoyle Geoffrey, gets too serious, Logan heads to Oregon for a working vacation at his friend, Zander’s ranch. On a hunting expedition to thin a large pack of coyotes that have been terrorizing his buddy’s goat herds, he runs into the last thing he expects, a group of wolf shifters. Zander panics, there are shots fired, and Logan is blamed for a stray bullet that hits one of the wolves.

James Jimmy Noleander is the beta of the Tamang wolf pack. While he never expected meeting his mate would grant him an immediate happily ever after, he never in his wildest dreams thought his mate would shoot him. Jimmy wants to forgive his mate, but laws are in place and restitution must be made. On top of that, Jimmy… (tovább)

Extasy Books, 2014
110 oldal · ISBN: 9781771119535

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