Giving ​Perrin Life (Kontra's Menagerie 7.) 1 csillagozás

Charlie Richards: Giving Perrin Life

Out ​on the Road: Misunderstandings can happen even when no words are exchanged. That doesn’t mean it has to be the end.

It’s taken over a week for Terence Williams to heal from defending his friends against an alpha lion shifter. Although he’d lost the fight, badly, Terence was saved by his mate. Unfortunately, Terence’s mate didn’t stick around to enjoy the victory, and Terence wants to know why. While Terence heals, his friends are out searching for the mysterious black lion shifter who’d saved him. When they find him, it doesn’t take long for the male to exert dominance and claim Terence. He discovers a problem pretty quickly. Perrin has never been part of the human world. He’d lived his entire life as a scientific lab rat until escaping eight months before. Living on the run, Perrin stays mostly as a lion, roaming from place to place. He doesn’t know anything about shifters or mates. Just when Terence manages to convince Perrin to come live and build a relationship… (tovább)

Extasy Books, 2012
98 oldal · ISBN: 9781771113540

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