Changing ​Owen's Mind (A Paranormal's Love 3.) 0 csillagozás

Charlie Richards: Changing Owen's Mind

At over four hundred years of age, Xavier Agueda has all but given up hope of finding his beloved, his soul mate. Then Detective Owen Hanson comes to the vampire’s estate to question Xavier’s coven leader’s partner. Owen’s blood calls to him like nothing he’s scented before. When his leader learns that Owen may be his beloved, he helps Xavier plan to meet him again. It takes a couple of weeks, but finally they schedule a BBQ at a mutual friend’s home, giving him the opportunity to see Owen again.

Can Xavier convince Owen to accept the attentions of a man? And if so, how will Owen react to learning vampires exist?

Extasy Books, 2013
52 oldal · ISBN: 9781771116190

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