A ​Bite of Fulfillment (A Paranormal's Love 2.) 0 csillagozás

Charlie Richards: A Bite of Fulfillment

Into ​the paranormal world: It’s all fun and games until someone’s life is threatened.

Adalric Bachmeier is the leader of his vampire coven and not accustomed to being patient, but to win his beloved’s affection, he tries to be just that. Unfortunately, time runs out too soon. Adalric can’t put off returning to his coven, as well as his duties, any longer, and he plans to take Seth Goodwin with him, willingly or not.

Seth never would have believed that creatures of myth and legend existed. Coming face to face with a vindictive, bloodthirsty vampire opens his eyes real quick to a whole new set of evils in the world. He can’t figure out why Adalric continues with his overtures of friendship, especially when he’s been nothing but rude and cold to the guy. After all, Seth wants nothing to do with a vampire.

Adalric insists that Seth must go with him to his coven, and he uses the guise of marking him as taken—making him off-limits to other vampires—to finally… (tovább)

Extasy Books, 2013
100 oldal · ISBN: 9781771116077

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