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Charles Dickens: Great Expectations (ELi Young Adult Readers)

Pip ​is born poor, but one day his life mysteroiusly changes. He is sent to London to learn to become a gentleman. But who is paying for his education? Who is paying for his life in London? We follow Pip as he grows up, falls in love and finally discovers truth about himself. On the way, we meet beautiful Estella, Joe Gargery, strange Miss Havisham and mysteroius Abel Magwitch. Great Expectations is Charles Dickens' Classic story retold here at level A2.

The book contains:
– The Before You Read Activities section contains pre-reading activities.
– The text is divided into chapters and is equipped with a glossary at the bottom of each page.
– The After-Reading Activities section, at the end of each chapter, eases memorization and comprehension and rounds off with one or more Pre-Reading activities to pre-teach the vocabulary and structures in the subsequent chapter.
– Useful dossiers focussing on culture and the author are supplied in the classics… (tovább)

126 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9788853607904 · Illusztrálta: Caterina Baldi

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