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Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here

Since Sandy Shortt’s childhood classmate disappeared twenty years ago, Sandy has been obsessed with missing things. Finding becomes her goal- whether it’s the sock that vanished in the washing machine, the car keys she misplaced or the graver issue of finding the people who vanish from their lives. Sandy dedicates her life to finding these missing people, offering devastated families a flicker of hope.

Jack Ruttle is one of those desperate people. It’s been a year since his brother Donal vanished into thin air. Thinking Sandy Shortt could well be the answer to his prayers, he embarks on a quest to find her.

But when Sandy goes missing too, she stumbles upon the place – and people – she’s been looking for all her life. A world away from her loved ones and the home she ran from for so long, Sandy soon resorts to her old habit again, searching. Though this time, she is desperately trying to find her way home…

There's No Place Like Here címmel is megjelent.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2006

HarperCollins, London, 2007
488 oldal · ISBN: 9780007198917
HarperCollins, London (United Kingdom), 2007
486 oldal · ISBN: 9780007258871

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Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here

Olvastam már ezt a könyvet, érdekes, hogy az angol változata jobban megfogott, mint anno a magyar. Kedves kis történet, de nem gondolkodtatott el annyira, mint amennyire szerettem volna. Igazi Cecelia Ahern-es mesevilág! :)

Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here

Az egyik kedvenc mondanivalómat foglalja magában a könyv. Elbújni, elfutni a dolgok elől a legkönnyebb, de egyben gyávaság is. Bátorság ahhoz kell, hogy szembenézzünk velük, és megoldást találjunk. Mindezt egy nagyon érdekes világba belecsöppentve. Nekem tetszett.

Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here

Konnyed kis olvasmany, elkepeszto milyen vad kepzelete van a volt ir miniszterelnok lanyanak, de valahogy tetszett, pedig sok benne a sallang megis egyedi.

ppeva P>!
Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here

Az a fajta mese, ami nem az én világom. De könnyed olvasmány volt, olvasmányos, jól olvasható.

Cecelia Ahern: A Place Called Here

Érdekes alapgondolat, és sokat ki lehetett volna hozni belőle. Sokkal többet sajnos,mint amennyit sikerült. Egy kicsit csalódtam, mert összecsapott lett a vége, és a szereplőkről sem tudtam meg sokat.

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'So I suppose you don't want to go back.'
'No!' I said quickly and my mom tried to hide her smile by taking a sip of water.
Dad looked back and forth from her face to mine questioningly.
'He has nice eyes,' I offered by way of explanation, slurping again.
His eyebrows rose and he looked to my mum, who had a grin from ear to ear and flushed cheeks. 'That's true, Harold. He has very nice eyes.'
'Ah, well then!' He threw his arms up. 'If the man has nice eyes for Christsake, who am I to argue?'

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Perhaps it would have been easier if I said that not being able to find something is like suddenly not remembering the words to your favourite song that you knew off by heart. It's like suddenly forgetting the name of someone you know really well and see every day, or the name of a group who sang a famous song. It's something so frustrating that it plays on your mind over and over again because you know there's an answer but no one can tell you it. It niggles and niggles at me and I can't rest until I know the answers.

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