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Catherine Fisher: The Box of Red Brocade

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Time travel is sf. Fairies are folklore. What happens when you mix the two? And add a final ingredient, Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' …?

On a mission to recover his father lost in time, Jake finds himself in 1940s London. From the rubble of the Blitzed city, a clue leads him to an eccentric seer of ghosts, three sinister children and three strange prophesies. Two of them soon come to pass, but what is the Box of Red Brocade? Does it hold the secret of destroying the Obsidian Mirror? A talking bird, an invisible girl, a walking wood; the second volume of Catherine Fisher's Chronoptika series is packed with mystery, magic and sinister intrigue.

'A new novel by Catherine Fisher, poet and prize-winning novelist is always worth looking out for. The Obsidian Mirror is both thriller and SF, and, being written in Fisher's acid-etched prose, equally satisfying to fans of many genres. 'Amanda Craig, THE TIMES Children's Book of the Week.

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Hodder Children's Books, London, 2013
400 oldal · ASIN: B00EPGCTWM

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