What ​to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (The Bane Chronicles 8.) (The Shadowhunter Universe) 18 csillagozás

(And Who You're Not Officially Dating Anyway)
Cassandra Clare – Sarah Rees Brennan: What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

Ten Short Stories centred around Magnus Bane.

The Part 8 of The Bane Chronicles (ebook).
Full Single Print to Come out on 2014.

Starting in February, one short story in the cycle will be released every month in e-book format leading up to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie (out Aug. 23). This will be followed by a single print edition in 2014.

Can’t get enough of Magnus Bane? Let the new short story cycle, The Bane Chronicles, fill the void. Cassandra Clare will collaborate with YA authors Sarah Rees Brennan (Unspoken, Team Human) and Maureen Johnson (The Name of the Star, 13 Little Blue Envelopes) on the serialization which will be focus on Bane, the immortal warlock seen in Clare’s Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series.

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Magnus Bane

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Cassandra Clare – Sarah Rees Brennan: What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

Mi mást is adhatnék ennek a Malec-szössznek? Hatalmas szükségem volt erre a kis fluff novellára, és megkaptam mindent, amit csak akartam tőle.

Cassandra Clare – Sarah Rees Brennan: What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

Ultracukker! Dobbant is a pici szívem értük rendesen!

Cassandra Clare – Sarah Rees Brennan: What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

Ez egy sokkal jobb rész volt, mint az előző, jobban tetszik, hogy inkább csak Magnus egy „hétköznapjáról” szólt – az előző kötet cselekménye például nekem túl erőltetettnek tűnt, és ha nem tudnak ilyen kevés oldalra bezsúfolni valami rendes történést, akkor inkább ne is próbálkozzanak vele :) De ebben a részben Magnus nagyon kis mókás volt, a mellékszereplők is érdekesek és viccesek (és Camille csak néhány kósza gondolat erejéig szerepelt, muhahaha), és így, hogy az egész egyetlen nap alatt játszódott, mindenre maradt szépen idő, és mégsem volt zavaró, hogy ennyire rövid :)

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– Whatever – said Ragnor. – Raphael would never date a Shadowhunter.
– Of course, why would he, when you two are in loooove? – Magnus asked. – 'Oooh, Raphael is always so professional. Oooh, Raphael brought up the most interesting points in that meeting you forgot to attend. Oooh, Rapahel and I are planning a June wedding.' Besides, Raphael would never date a Shadowhunter because Raphael has a policy of never doing anything that is awesome.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Magnus Bane · Raphael Santiago

“I had a thing. So how have you been, Magnus?”
“What?” Magnus asked.
“You know, since the last time you summoned me. How have you been keeping?”
“What?” Magnus asked again.
“You don’t remember me?” said the tentacle demon.
“I summon a lot of demons,” Magnus said weakly.
“Well,” said Elyaas. “This is awkward.”
“It’s nothing personal,” said Magnus.
“Maybe if I jogged your memory,” Elyaas suggested helpfully. “You summoned me when you were searching for a demon who cursed a Shadowhunter? Bill Herondale?”
“Will Herondale,” said Magnus.
Elyaas snapped his tentacles as if they were fingers. “I knew it was something like that.”


For a long wild euphoric moment Magnus believed that Alec did not want anything more than to be with him, that they would not be parted. Not for a long, long time.
“Happy birthday, Alexander,” Magnus murmured.
“Thanks for remembering,” Alec whispered back.


“Raphael calls me every month,” said Ragnor. “Raphael knows that it is important to preserve good relations and maintain regular communication between the different Downworlder factions. I might add, Raphael always remembers important occasions in my life.”
“I forgot your birthday one time sixty years ago!” said Magnus. “You need to let that go.”
“It was fifty-eight years ago, for the record. And Raphael knows we need to maintain a united front against the Nephilim and not, for instance, sneak around with their underage sons,” Ragnor continued.
“Alec is eighteen!”
“Whatever,” said Ragnor.


Magnus then dragged Alec outside, pushed him up against the brick wall of Taki’s under the sparking upside-down sign, and kissed him. Alec’s blue eyes that had blazed with angelic fury were tender suddenly, and darker with passion. Magnus felt Alec’s strong lithe body strain against Magnus’s, felt his gentle hands slide up Magnus’s back. Alec kissed him back with shattering enthusiasm, and Magnus thought, Yes, this one, this one fits, after all the stumbling around and searching, and here it is.


Alec was a warrior who brought Magnus peace.


“Caroline Connor,” said the woman. She did not offer a hand. “CFO and vice president of marketing for Sigblad Enterprises.”

“Magnus Bane,” said Magnus. “High Warlock of Brooklyn and Scrabble champion.”


„I have a lunch meeting,” she noted. „Is there no way to expedite the process?”
“Er, no. This is dark magic, Ms. Connor,” said Magnus. “It is not quite the same as ordering a pizza."


“What was that for?” Alec asked a long time later, eyes shining.
Alec was young. Magnus had never been old, had never known how the world reacted to you when you were old, and had not been allowed to be really young for long either. Being immortal meant being apart from such concerns. All the mortals Magnus had loved had seemed younger and older than him, both at once. But Magnus was keenly aware that this was Alec’s first time dating, doing anything at all. He had been Alec’s first kiss. Magnus wanted to be good to him, not burden him with the weight of feelings that Alec might not return.
“Nothing,” Magnus lied.


– I'm a demon, – he said. – I'll curse a mermaid. I'll curse a cocker spaniel. I don't care about anything.

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