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Cassandra Clare – Maureen Johnson: Every Exquisite Thing Cassandra Clare – Maureen Johnson: Every Exquisite Thing Cassandra Clare – Maureen Johnson: Every Exquisite Thing

Anna Lightwood, eldest child of Gabriel and Cecily, is mad, bad and dangerously dapper. Every rake has an origin story, though: now under Brother Zachariah’s eye we see Anna’s doomed love story unfold.

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60 oldal · ISBN: 9781406383744 · ASIN: B07C3BHLHZ

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Jem Carstairs · Gabriel Lightwood · Cecily Herondale · James Herondale · Malcolm Fade · Matthew Fairchild · Anna Lightwood · Christopher Lightwood · Ariadne Bridgestock

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The man had a shock of white hair and striking purple eyes. It was Malcolm Fade.
“Is that you, James Carstairs?” he said.
How are you, my friend?
Malcolm simply smiled. There was always something a little sad about Malcolm: Jem had heard gossip about a tragic love affair with a Shadowhunter who had chosen to be an Iron Sister rather than be with the one she loved.

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“Nothing,” she said. “I just . . . need a new book to read.”
“A most sensible request,” James said, swinging his long legs off his reading perch. “What sort of book? Fortunately, Aunt Sophie and Uncle Gideon have a respectable collection. Adventure? History? Romance? Poetry?”
All the younger set were fearfully bookish. Anna put it down to Uncle Will and Aunt Tessa’s influence. They seldom let one leave the Institute without a book they felt one simply must read. (…)
James flipped gracefully through the books on the wall. (…)
He had soon plucked a dozen books from the shelf, passing one to Christopher almost as an afterthought. (…)
The door flew open, and Matthew Fairchild entered the room and draped himself dramatically over the back of a chair. “Good afternoon, you wonderful bunch of villains. James, why are you clearing the shelves?”
“Anna asked me for something to read,” James said, surveying a table of contents with a furious eye. He set the book aside.
“Anna? Reading? What dark magic is this?”


“Are all London Shadowhunters so handsome as you?” she asked. She had a German accent.
“No,” Anna said simply.
“Definitely not,” Matthew agreed.

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Her brother’s clothes were still in her wardrobe. She picked them out and smoothed them on the bed. She had planned on returning them, but . . .
Who would miss them? Not Christopher. Their laundress might, but no one would question that Christopher might simply lose his trousers, possibly in the middle of a crowded dance floor.

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She had only been out in her brother’s clothes twice, both times late at night— but oh, women looked at her then, smiling women, conspiratorial women, women who knew that in donning the clothes of men, Anna walked in their power and their privilege. They looked at her soft lips, her long eyelashes, her blue eyes; they looked at her hips in tight trousers, the curve of her breasts under a man’s cotton shirt, and their eyes spoke to her in the secret language of women: You have taken their power for your own. You have stolen fire from the gods. Now come and make love to me, as Zeus made love to Danae, in a shower of gold.

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“We must go. Can you keep an eye on Christopher while we are talking? Make sure he doesn’t set anything on fire. Or anyone.”


Imagine what she could do with Matthew Fairchild’s wardrobe! He was a real peacock, with his colorful waistcoats and ties, and the beautiful suits.

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Anna stood before the mirror, examining the effect. The waistcoat flattened her chest a bit. She tugged it up and adjusted it until the fit was right. She rolled the legs of the trousers and knocked the hat down over her eye.

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“Can you come down, please?”
“Of course,” Anna replied, already pulling at the ascot around her neck. “Coming!”
Anna had to step right through her fallen dancing partner in her haste. Off with the waistcoat, the trousers. Everything off, off, off. She shoved the clothes into the bottom of her wardrobe. The discarded dress was hastily put back on, her fingers fumbling on the buttons.

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