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Carole Matthews: More to Life Than This Carole Matthews: More to Life Than This Carole Matthews: More to Life Than This

Kate Lewis is thirty-five and feeling restless. Her husband Jeffrey is keen on gardening and golf; her children are obsessed with well-balanced diets; and Kate's main worry is when to do the ironing. There must be more to life than this!

Enrolling on a T'ai Chi course at Northwood Priory with her best friend Sonia – and arranging for an au pair to look after Jeffrey and the children while she's away – Kate is off to find herself. But, as things turn out, finding herself isn't easy to do, particularly when Ben Mahler is on her course…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1999

Headline, London, 2007
448 oldal · ISBN: 9780755339297
346 oldal · ISBN: 9780373895687

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Carole Matthews: More to Life Than This

Nem is tudom. Jó volt, jó volt, de valami hiányzott belőle. Talán nem volt eléggé életszerű, ami miatt cserében lehetett volna kicsit őrültebb is, ha már…

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