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Carlos Ruiz Zafón: Marina (angol)

In ​May 1980, 15-year-old Oscar Drei suddenly vanishes from his boarding school in the old quarter of Barcelona. For seven days and nights no one knows his whereabouts. It all began the previous autumn when, while exploring the dilapidated grounds of what seemed to be an abandoned house filled with portraits, he inadvertently stole a gold pocket watch. Thus begins Oscar's friendship with Marina and her father Herman Blau, a portrait painter. Marina takes Oscar to the gardens of the nearby cemetery to watch a macabre ritual that occurs on the fourth Sunday of each month. At 10 a.m., a coach drives up to the cemetery and a woman with her face shrouded, wearing gloves, and holding a single rose is helped down from the coach and walks over to a nameless gravestone, where she sets down the flower, pauses for a moment, and then returns to the coach. The gravestone bears no marking but the outline of a strange-looking butterfly with open wings. On one of their subsequent walks Oscar and… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1999

Tagok ajánlása: Hány éves kortól ajánlod?

304 oldal · ISBN: 9781780224275

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brigi11 P>!
Carlos Ruiz Zafón: Marina (angol)

Ha röviden akarom értékelni akkor olyan zafónos. Ha hosszan, akkor ez az egyik legszebb, leggyönyörűbb történet amit valaha olvastam.
Aki olvasta az Elfeledett könyvek sorozatot, annak sok újat nem fog adni ez a könyv.Megtalálható benne az összes gótikus elem: állandóan szemerkélő eső, elhagyott szűk utcák, temető, sírkő, egy cica, akit Kaffkának hívnak, barátsággal, titkokkal, szerelemmel átszőve, elvarázsolva.
A legszebb pedig az benne, hogy nincs túl írva. Pontosan annyi, amennyit egy életében először szerelmes 15 éves fiú elbír egy kalandokkal, titkokkal átszőtt mesében.

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Adrienn_ka P>!

The memories of hundreds of people lie here. Their lives, their feelings, their expectations, their absence, the dreams that never came true for them, the disappointments, the deceptions and the unrequited loves that poisoned their existence… All that is here, trapped forever.

brigi11 P>!

I've always wanted to have my own cathedral, said Marina. Any suggestions?
Let's make it Gothic. Give me time and I'll build it for you.

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If people stopped to consider even a quarter of what they say, this world would be paradise.

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We all have a secret buried under lock and key in the attic of our soul.

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'Good morning, Kafka. Have we committed any murders this morning?'
The cat replied with a simple purr and, like a self-possessed butler, led me through the garden as far as the fountain.

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We had reached the enchanted Barcelona, the labyrinth of spirits, where streets had mythical names and the ghosts of time walked behind us.

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Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Barcelona · labirintus · szellem
brigi11 P>!

Then he looked me straight in the eye, scrutinising me, and said, 'Sometimes telling the truth is not such a good idea, Oscar'.

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Arianrhod P>!

JF had the soul of an avant-garde poet and such a sharp wit he often cut his own tongue on it.


'My father.'
'And you are?' I asked.
'His daughter.'
'I meant, what's your name?'
'I know exactly what you meant,' replied the girl.

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Arianrhod P>!

Once I looked up ‘hypochondriac’ and copied out the definition for him.
‘You might be interested to know you’ve been mentioned in the Dictionary of the Royal Academy,’ I announced.
JF glanced at the note and threw me a scathing look.
‘Try looking under ‘i’ for ‘idiot’ and you’ll see I’m not the only famous one,’ he replied.

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