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Carina Axelsson: Stolen with Style

Despite being the hottest new model around, all sixteen-year-old Axelle wants to do is solve mysteries.
So when the fabulous Black Amelia diamond goes missing from a New York City fashion shoot, and Axelle is asked to find it, she doesn’t hesitate to slip on her sky-high heels to catch the culprit. But just when Axelle thinks she’s solved the crime, things take an unexpected turn…

And then there’s the gorgeous and distracting Sebastian…Axelle had been falling for him, but now she’s falling out with him. Glittering New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and the stakes are high, as the world’s only undercover model crisscrosses the Big Apple, hot on the trail of a rogue – not Vogue – thief.

So strap on your high heels and hold on to your handbag – Stolen with Style will be in UK bookstores on September 1st.

NANCY DREW meets THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA in this pacey and funny contemporary teen series set in the glamorous and fascinating world of international fashion.

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Usborne, London
320 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 1409563707

Enciklopédia 4

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Axelle Anderson · Ellie · Sebastian

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„Well,you might want to considerapplying your sleuthing techniques to the non-detective parts of your life too.”
„Thanks, Nancy Drew”

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„You're not planning on stealing one, are you, honey?”

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„Well, imagine: if I did still like him, and he was here with me, he'd only be a distraction. I mean, have you ever tried working with someone when all you want to do is kiss them?”

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Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Axelle Anderson · Sebastian

„And I bet you"ll forget all about him spying for your mum once you kiss him again.”
„No I won't”
„No you won't forget he's spying for your mum, or no you won't kiss him?”
Elli sighed. „Well, I still think he's totally into you – and I know you're into him. Even if you won't admit it.”
„What I'm really into right now is solving this case”

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Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Axelle Anderson · Ellie · Sebastian

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