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Cardeno C.: Wake Me Up Inside Cardeno C.: Wake Me Up Inside

Zev Hassick is surprised and confused when he finds himself attracted to his best friend. His very human, very male best friend. Zev is the son of the pack Alpha, regarded as the strongest wolf in generations, born to lead. And everyone knows a male shifter has to mate with a female of his own kind to keep his humanity. So shifters can't be gay, right?

Jonah Marvel wants a relationship with Zev, his best friend, the man he has loved since childhood. It wasn't easy to maintain that relationship over years spent living apart while Jonah studied to become a doctor. And then things grow more difficult when Jonah becomes his own patient. Before he can make a life with Zev, he has to understand his past and cure the unexplained ailments that plague him.

Zev and Jonah know they're destined for each other, but they're facing traditions ingrained over generations and long-buried secrets that may threaten any future together.

250 oldal · ASIN: B0137I04VQ
250 oldal · ISBN: 9781613727126

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eSsZ P>!
Cardeno C.: Wake Me Up Inside

nagyon sok alakváltós könyvet olvastam már és nem mindig mutatnak újat éppenséggel… itt sem volt ez másként… 1-2 kis változás, de alapjában ugyan az..
ezzel nem is volt semmi gondom, mert az író nagyon jól forgatta a szavait és teljesen belemerültem a történetbe..

Zev és Jonah kb. egy éves korukban találkoznak először… Zev farkas alakban pillantja meg a kis Jonaht és onnantól Zev minden elkövet ( persze lehetőségeihez mérten) ,hogy minél jobban megismerje kis játszótársát..

eleinte kicsit fura volt az időbeni váltakozás.. mert először indítunk a jelennel.. majd múlt és így tovább, míg el nem érünk addig az állapotig, ahonnan a könyv indít..
közben persze megismerjük a két srác barátságának és szerelmének alakulását..

meg kell jegyeznem, hogy mind kicsi korban mint felnőttként nagyon aranyosak és cukkerek együtt…

a történet haladtával kiderül egy mocskos titok.. előjönnek a vámpírok is..
és persze minden jó ha jó a vége..

kellemes kikapcsolódás volt, arcpirító és sexi ágyjelenetekkel… a két főhős pedig nagyon szerethető.. kíváncsian várom a következő részt, ahol egy farkas és egy vámpír kerül össze :)

Tori0925 P>!
Cardeno C.: Wake Me Up Inside

Nem volt rossz, de annyi felvezetés volt benne, hogy nem igazán tudtam, hogy miről is szól a könyv.
Szerintem a szereplők mindent túlbonyolítottak.

Cardeno C.: Wake Me Up Inside

Átlagos volt az alakváltós könyvek között. A többi részét nem is fogom olvasni.

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Cintia_ P>!

“I shifted?”
“Into a wolf?”
“Last night?”
“I shifted into a wolf last night?”
“Yes, Jonah. When you add up all three clauses they make a very pretty sentence, and the meaning stays the same.”


Cintia_ P>!

“Zev Hassick, get back here right this instant!”
Zev wagged his tail and raised his nose in the air. He was tracking the most wonderful scent. A combination of freshly mowed grass, lemons, and mint, the scent made his belly feel all warm and tingly inside.


Cintia_ P>!

Sitting on a red, white, and blue striped blanket was a human baby. Zev locked his gaze on that child and whined. He wanted to get closer, wanted to smell and lick. But there were so many humans around, and his parents had always told him to stay away from the half-souls, especially if he was in wolf form.
Zev raised his head and tried to howl in frustration, but his vocal cords were too new, too fresh to make that noise. He was just over a year old, and this was his first shift. It’d take some time yet before he’d completely adjust to his wolf body. Dropping to the ground on his belly and resting his chin on his front paws, Zev whimpered and kept his gaze locked on the human baby.
The humans couldn’t see him where he lay, surrounded by brush and plants, but it sure seemed as if the baby knew he was there, because eyes as black as night stared right back at Zev. Then, before he realized it was happening, the baby raised himself onto unsteady feet and began toddling toward him. With the grown-ups engaged in conversation, nobody noticed the little tyke, dressed in a blue one-piece cotton jumper and no shoes, making his way over to the trees. Zev hopped back to his feet and wagged his tail furiously, making soft yipping sounds as the source of the scent came closer and closer.
When the baby stepped out of the clearing and into the brush, Zev jumped on him and knocked him down on his backside. Deep black eyes opened wide in surprise, but the human didn’t cry, he just reached his small hand out and petted Zev’s fur. In his wolf cub form, Zev whined with joy and pressed himself against the human baby, licking his neck and rubbing against his body. He wanted to mark himself with that lemony scent. It smelled so good and right.


Cintia_ P>!

The white-haired boy was his. Zev’s wolf knew it instinctively, and Zev’s human agreed. Maybe when he grew bigger, he’d be able to find a way to play with his friend.


Cintia_ P>!

True mates were said to be incomplete without each other, a single spirit torn in half, residing in two separate vessels.


Cintia_ P>!

Jonah instinctively turned his head to the side, baring his neck to Zev. Jonah heard a growl, felt it vibrating against his skin, inside his skin.


Cintia_ P>!

“Quit making me laugh, Zev. You’re spoiling the romance. And I went through great efforts to seduce you here. I put away the dirty socks, threw out the pizza boxes, and I even changed the sheets on this bed.”
“Oh, wow. How could I possibly resist when you bring out the big guns of seduction like that? Nothing turns me on like basic housekeeping.”


Cintia_ P>!

Zev enjoyed marking him. He took the opportunity to do it whenever they saw each other. Not that Jonah objected. Hell, he encouraged it.


Cintia_ P>!

“Love how you taste.” Zev lapped at Jonah’s lips. “Smell.” He buried his nose against Jonah’s skin and inhaled. “Feel.” He ground their hips together.


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