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Cambria Hebert: #Selfie

It’s all about the #Selfie.

She was the one girl I never wanted.

Until I had her.

One night.

One mistake.

Something we both wanted to forget.

I got rid of the proof. The one piece of evidence that could remind us both.

At least, I thought I did.

When it shows up on the school Buzzfeed, rumors fly. Friendships are tested and the feels get real.

I don’t do relationships. I don’t open my heart.

Especially for a girl everyone knows I hate.

What happens during spring break, stays in spring break.

Until it follows you home.

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Braeden · Ivy Forrester

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Don’t call me that.” She looked down.

I tipped her face back up. “What?”


Shit. I called her baby?

“Why not?” I asked. I was supposed to tell her she’d been hearing things. That grief was making her cuckoo.

“Because I like it.”

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“Sometimes when I get drunk—really drunk—I drunk dial my grandma and tell her she’s hot,” he admitted.
“You do not.” I laughed.
He held up his hand. “I swear. Seems when I get really drunk, I also speak in a Scottish accent. Granny thinks she has a secret admirer from Scotland.”


Ivy wasn’t mine.
I didn’t want her.
But tonight… tonight I did.
Tonight she was mine.

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Braeden had just become my own personal earthquake. Everything inside me felt rattled and shifted. The composition of my insides would never be the same again.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Ivy Forrester

I slept with Braeden. The guy I hated. The guy my best friend wanted.
What’s worse? My body craved him. I needed more.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Ivy Forrester

Ivy was it for me. She was my forever girl. For so long, I thought she didn’t exist, but now I saw I wouldn’t exist without her.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Braeden

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