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C. S. Poe: The Mystery of the Moving Image C. S. Poe: The Mystery of the Moving Image

It’s ​summer in New York City, and antique shop owner Sebastian Snow is taking the next big step in his relationship with NYPD homicide detective, Calvin Winter: they’re moving in together. What should have been a wonderful week of playing house and celebrating Calvin’s birthday comes to an abrupt end when a mysterious package arrives at the Emporium.

Inside is a Thomas Edison Kinetoscope, a movie viewer from the nineteenth century, invented by the grandfather of modern cinema, W. K. L. Dickson. And along with it, footage of a murder that took place over a hundred years ago.

Sebastian resists the urge to start sleuthing, even if the culprit is long dead and there’s no apparent danger. But break-ins at the Emporium, a robbery, and dead bodies aren’t as easy to ignore, and Sebastian soon realizes that the century-old murder will lead him to a modern-day killer.

However, even with Sebastian’s vast knowledge of Victorian America and his unrelenting perseverance… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2018

272 oldal · ASIN: B084V93BNG
ASIN: B089XPNC4J · Felolvasta: Wyatt Baker
214 oldal · ISBN: 9781640808782

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C. S. Poe: The Mystery of the Moving Image

A második rész nagyon tetszett, attól ez gyengébb volt szerintem. Az első részre emlékeztet abban az értelemben, hogy jó volt, de nem kiemelkedő.
A stílus és a humor nagyon el van találva, de arra nem volt panaszom eddig sem. A rejtély és a nyomozás ebben a részben nem volt túl erős, és nagyon elnyomta a mozgókép történelmére vonatkozó kismillió infó. Látszik, hogy a szerző rendesen elvégezte a házi feladatát, de ez túl részletes volt. A vége izgalmas, de attól még a könyv egésze nem hozott lázba.
Mindez, amit leírtam, nem azt jelenti, hogy rossz ez a könyv, csak azt, hogy a negyedik rész elolvasása előtt egy kis szünetet fogok tartani, mert eléggé egy kaptafára megy, és kezdenek összefolyni a dolgok.

Népszerű idézetek

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“We’re capable of insulting each other without assistance.”

Chapter Nine

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“What the hell is in your hair?”
“I was on the subway floor.”
“That does not narrow the list in any way whatsoever. When’s the last time you had a tetanus shot?”

Chapter Thirteen

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IF THERE was one thing I’d taken away from the last six months of murder and mystery, it was to expect the unexpected.

(első mondat)

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“Five bucks says there’s a dead body inside,” he finally said.
I shook my head. “We’d smell decomp.”
“A normal person wouldn’t say that,” he replied, not looking away from the box.
“Normal is relative.”
“Let’s not get into a philosophical debate before 10:00 a.m.”

Chapter One

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“Hundred-twenty-year-old movie,” Max said with an astonished tone. “It’s going to be either porn or cats.”

Chapter One

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“The oldest evidence I’ve heard of being held by homicide detectives only went back to 1909. And that was in the ’20s, before complaints of sanitary conditions and limited space were taken into consideration.”
“How do you know that?”
“Hi, I’m Calvin Winter,” he stated, reaching a hand out to shake mine. “I’ve been an officer of the NYPD for ten years.”
“I’m ignoring the sarcasm only because I’m incredibly turned on by you spouting random facts at me,” I answered.

Chapter Two

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“I hit Neil with a door yesterday.”
He quickly put a hand over his mouth, and I realized after a moment that he was suppressing a laugh. “Is he okay?”
“Actually, I don’t know. He was almost pleasant today. I could practically stand him. I might have knocked something loose.”
“Sometimes you’ll never love someone, kiddo. But when you stop forcing it, you might end up liking them instead.”

Chapter Ten

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“Straus and Winter sounds like a tax firm.”
Pop laughed softly. “A bit.”
“Snow and Winter sounds like….”
“A happy accident?” Pop supplied.
I picked up my sunglasses and fiddled with them for a moment. “Sounds like forever.”

Chapter Ten

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“He made lasagna the other night.”
“Marry him.”
Mr. Robert put the glass in the sink and returned the jug to the fridge. “Gay marriage is federal law now, ain’t it?” He put his pipe back in his mouth.
“Then if he cooks, marry him. Or you’ll end up like me, eating runny eggs every day of the week that ends in y.”

Chapter Eleven

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