Bionics ​Sourcebook 0 csillagozás

Bill Coffin – Alex Marciniszyn – Julius Rosenstein – Steve Sheiring – Kevin Siembieda – Wayne Smith: Bionics Sourcebook

The ultimate reference for cyborgs, bionics and cybernetics. Scores and scores of different types of cybernetic implants, bionic augmentation, weapons, sensors, optics and gizmos.
– Expanded information on the Cyborg O.C.C.
– New City Rat O.C.C.s and insight to the 'Burbs.
– New Cyber-Snatcher Villain, completely statted out.
– A ton of cybernetics and bionics all collected into one reference book.
– Optional tables, rules clarifications, cyborg index and ideas.
– New bionics and cybernetics.

Palladium Books, Westland, MI, USA, 2002

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