Key ​Business Analytics 1 csillagozás

The 60+ tools every manager needs to turn data into insights
Bernard Marr: Key Business Analytics

Key ​Business Analytics will help managers apply tools to turn data into insights that help them better understand their customers, optimize their internal processes and identify cost savings and growth opportunities.

It includes analysis techniques within the following categories:

Financial analytics – cashflow, profitability, sales forecasts
Market analytics – market size, market trends, marketing channels
Customer analytics – customer lifetime values, social media, customer needs
Employee analytics – capacity, performance, leadership
Operational analytics – supply chains, competencies, environmental impact
Bare business analytics – sentiments, text, correlations
Each tool will follow the bestselling Key format of being 5-6 pages long, broken into short sharp advice on the essentials:

What is it?
When should I use it?
How do I use it?
Tips and pitfalls
Further reading
This essential toolkit… (tovább)

FT Press, 2016
272 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781292017433

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