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Barry Lyga: I Hunt Killers Barry Lyga: I Hunt Killers Barry Lyga: I Hunt Killers Barry Lyga: I Hunt Killers

The dark thriller, described as Dexter meets The Silence of the Lambs for teens, tells of a boy who uses his killer instinct, inherited from his serial killer father, to help solve a series of murders.

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Little, Brown Books, Boston, Massachusetts, 2014
puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780316283632
Little, Brown Books, Boston, Massachusetts, 2012
366 oldal · ASIN: B005SCR922
Little, Brown Books, New York, 2012
362 oldal · ISBN: 9780316125840

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Jasper Francis Dent · Billy Dent · Conscience "Connie" Hall

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Ms_thebetty P>!
Barry Lyga: I Hunt Killers

Vannak könyvek, melyek befejezése után nem lehet mást tenni, csak káromkodni. Mikor próbálod elmesélni, hogy mennyire is volt jó vagy éppen rossz, csak vulgaritások hosszú litániáját vagy képes produkálni. No, ez is egy ilyen könyv. És jó értelemben.
Hogy világos legyen: ez valami ……….. volt! :D
Igen, tudom, hasonlít Dan Wells sorozatára, de mégis más. Szóval, ha azt szeretted, ezt garantáltan imádni fogod! ;))

Barry Lyga: I Hunt Killers

Dan Wells John Cleaver sorozatát nagyon szeretem, ezért elkezdtem hasonló témájú könyveket keresni.
A kötet az elején nehezen rántott be, valamint Jasper belső küzdelmét sem tudtam úgy átérezni mint Johnét, Dan Wells sorozatában. Azonban, a könyv felétől beszippantott a történet, egy huzamban ki is olvastam az egészet. A kötet egy kisebb függővéggel zár, így alig várom, hogy olvashassam a következő kötetet!

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Naked bodies were tougher to identify. Clothes told you all sorts
of things about a victim, and once you identified the victim, you were one step closer to identifying who made that person a victim.



Billy Dent came across like some sort of bumpkin or redneck idiot, but nothing could be further from the truth. His IQ had tested off the charts; he had driven two psychiatrists (one with the FBI, one with a victims’ rights group) to quit their professions. He was pure brilliance and pure evil in one package, and woe be to anyone who forgot this when talking to him.


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“Still, I’m surprised you’re in one piece. I thought there was a pecking order in prison.” “There sure is!” Billy leaned back and guffawed. “Oh, there’s one hell of a pecking order! And your dear old daddy sits right up around the top. You got triple digits next to your name, they sorta king you in here. Like in checkers, you follow?” “I figured someone would shank you. Try to prove he’s a big man by knocking off Billy Dent.” “Well, now…” Billy’s slow drawl became even more syrupy. “I ain’t sayin’ there ain’t been no — whatchacallem? — altercations in the past couple years. There’s definitely been what I’d call a, well, a breakin’ in period.” He produced a smile that — to anyone else — would have seemed full of genuine warmth. Jazz remembered it from the night Billy had shown him how to saw through a knee joint in under five minutes. (First you gotta get under the kneecap, what your doctors an’ such call the patella, see?) “But now me an’ the folks in here get along just fine. They get me and I get them. Prison ain’t so bad for people like us, Jasper.”


Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Billy Dent

Jazz spent a chunk of the day fantasizing ways to kill his grandmother, plotting them and planning them in the most excruciating, gruesome detail his imagination would allow. It turned out his imagination allowed quite a bit. He spent the rest of the day convincing himself — over and over — not to do it. She was goofy and childlike so much of the time that sometimes it was easy to forget that her madness had a cunning dimension to it, too. She knew Jazz’s weaknesses. She knew which buttons to push. And when the right synapses fired in the wrong order, she did it cruelly. Gleefully. By the time Connie was free for the day, his grandmother had shifted into a young girl’s persona, asking Jazz (whom she thought to be a priest of some sort, apparently) with a slight lisp if she could have some pudding, since she’d been such a good girl and said all her Hail Marys. Jazz resisted the urge to throttle her. There was some yogurt in the fridge and it only took him a couple of minutes to convince her that it was actually pudding.


Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Conscience "Connie" Hall · Jasper Francis Dent

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