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Bailey Bradford: Wesley

Letting ​go of the past is the hardest thing these two men have to learn to do. Wes Ward made a mistake-a few of them, to be exact. He felt abandoned, forgotten by his older brother, Sully, once Sully found his mate. Wes let anger and loneliness influence him, and he tried some things he shouldn't have. Getting busted by his mom was probably the one thing that saved him. Getting sent to stay with the brother he thinks forgot about him might be an unmitigated disaster. Or it might be Wes' salvation. In San Antonio, he is forced to confront the things he has done, and his childish reasoning for it. It isn't easy, but after a spectacular blow-out with Sully and his mate Bobby, Wes finally begins to try to get past his issues. When he meets a skittish, sexy man at the homeless youth shelter where they both volunteer, Wes thinks he's found more than he ever thought he'd have. Armando has been hurt too many times to count, but the last time almost cost him his life. He's carried… (tovább)

226 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781781845875

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