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Attila Bartis: Tranquility

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Tranquility ​is narrated by a writer, Andor Weér, and is a novel about the three very damaged women in his life and their intertwined relationships. The novel begins with the funeral of his mother, whom he can finally lay to rest. For fifteen years they lived together in the same apartment that she refused to leave, for fifteen years he had to endure here questioning ("Wherehaveyoubeenson?") and general misanthropy.
Andor's sister, Judit, was a very talented and dedicated violinist, a budding star who defected to the West as soon as she could – to escape Mom more than Communism, defection offering a buffer that she hoped would keep her at a safe distance, so that she would not longer have to try to erase herself, as Bartis nicely has her try to do. Overbearing Mom was a star in her own right, a famous actress, but her career came to an abrupt halt as soon as her daughter betrayed the motherland. The authorities tried to get her to entice Judit back, and when she couldn't she… (tovább)

Eredeti mű: Bartis Attila: A nyugalom

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2001

Archipelago, 2008
292 oldal · ISBN: 9780980033007 · Fordította: Imre Goldstein

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