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Arthur C. Clarke: Tales from Planet Earth

If ​you want an omnibus of short fiction by Arthur C. Clarke, a Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master, then you want The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke. If you're looking for a representative sample of Clarke's short stories, or for some examples of the creative and extrapolative abilities that established Clarke as one of science fiction's greatest and most important writers, then check out Tales from Planet Earth. Tales from Planet Earth ranges widely across time, but the stories are centered on our home world. Many SF writers confine their visions of earth to its flatlands, but Clarke is three-dimensional; his stories „Hate,” "The Deep Range," and „The Man Who Ploughed the Sea” plunge into the ocean, while „The Cruel Sky” ascends the Himalayas. Some stories, like „The Other Tiger” and „'If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth…',” end on chilling twists. „The Road to the Sea” spans centuries and millennia to explore how humanity's exodus to the stars may… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1989

I Books, New York, 2001
320 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780743423793

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Arthur C. Clarke: Tales from Planet Earth

Fiatal korom meghatározó könyve, jó érzés, hogy még mindig nagy hatással van rám. Nagyszerű, jól megírt, rövid sci-fi történetek.

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