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Arshad Ahsanuddin: Sunrise

Steel ​and Shadow

San Francisco, 2015. A group of friends celebrating a windfall in their musical careers take a wrong turn down a deserted alleyway, only to find their path blocked by two creatures out of nightmare. Surviving only through the arcane intervention of a cryptic savior, they find themselves thrust unwillingly into the center of a war of extermination between two mystical races.

The Gauntlet

Rory loved his best friend Takeshi for as long as he can remember, though he never had the courage to speak of it. The discovery of their supernatural destinies as the leaders of the Sentinel race only compounded the danger of a relationship, so he kept silent. When Rory is captured, his soul hangs in the balance as the Nightwalkers delve into ancient magic to corrupt his spirit. Takeshi attempts a desperate rescue, but is unprepared to face the enemy that waits in the depths of the vampire fortress. In the end, his own damnation may be the key to Rory’s… (tovább)

CreateSpace, Washington, 2011
326 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781456358440

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