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Arshad Ahsanuddin: Moonlight

The ​Magician

Washington, D. C., 2042. Toby Jameson is accustomed to being overshadowed by his brother Nick, but he doesn’t have to like it. While attending the funeral of the First Lady of the United States, he finds a kindred spirit in Andrea Daniels, the President’s daughter. When Nick discovers Andrea’s supernatural destiny as a latent leader of the Sentinel race, Toby is happy to accept a secret assignment to protect her as she leaves the Armistice Zone, if only to gain a little distance from his relationship with his lover, Layla.

The Daywalker

Layla, the leader of the Daywalker race, has had three thousand years to earn her reputation as the Prince of Wrath. Her romance with the strong-willed young Sentinel has been contentious at best, but neither is willing to walk away nor give voice to a deeper commitment. When her protective overtures go awry prior to Toby’s departure, provoking them both into frank combat, it seems their relationship is finally… (tovább)

CreateSpace, Washington, 2011
262 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781460996522

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