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Anthony Horowitz: The Greek Who Stole Christmas

Once again, Tim Diamond and his younger brother Nick are flat broke. So when they're hired to investigate an anonymous death threat made to world-famous pop singer and movie actress Minerva, they jump at the chance. However, the Greek celebrity seems to have plenty of enemies – so the question is, which one actually wants her dead? Meanwhile, Tim needs to resist Minerva's amorous advances and focus in the matter in hand…

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Puffin, London, 2008
176 oldal · ISBN: 9781101495490
Walker Books, Great Britain, 2007
88 oldal · ISBN: 9781406304855

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He called himself Tim Diamond, Private Detective – and that's what it said in the Yellow Pages, along with the the line: „No problem too problematic.” He'd written that himself.

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Tim was the worst private detective in England. I mean … he'd just spent two weeks working in a big department store in the West End. He was supposed to be looking out for shoplifters, but i don't think he'd kept his eye on the ball. In fact, the ball was the first thing that got stolen. After that, things went from bad to worse. The store had twenty-three departments when he started, but only sixteen when he left.

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