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Creativity and duplicity in Western scholarship
Anthony Grafton: Forgers and Critics

Just ​as it „takes a thief to catch a thief, ” so the forger greatly aids the search for historical truth, maintains Anthony Grafton in this wide-ranging exploration of the links between forgery and scholarship. Labeling forgery the „criminal sibling” of criticism, he describes a panorama of remarkable individuals--forgers, from classical Greece through the recent past, who produced a variety of splendid triumphs of learning and style, and scholarly detectives, who honed the tools of scholarship in attempts to unmask these skillful fakers. In the process he discloses the extent, the coherence, and the historical interest of two significant and tightly intertwined strands in the Western intellectual tradition. „The desire to forge, ” writes the author, „can bite and infect almost anyone: . . . the honest as well as the rogue.” Forgers are inspired not only by ambition or greed but also by impulses to play jokes, exuberant desires to see the past made whole again, or serious wishes… (tovább)

Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1990
158 oldal · ISBN: 0691055440

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Anthony Grafton: Forgers and Critics

Anthony Grafton: Forgers and Critics Creativity and duplicity in Western scholarship

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