Giving ​and Taking (Pawprints 3.) 0 csillagozás

Anne Cain: Giving and Taking

Adrian ​and his sexy, dual-natured boyfriend, Lal, are headed to San Juan for a Christmas cruise in the Caribbean with their close friends Marty and James. While fun-in-the-sun and piña coladas are on the agenda, the one desire burning inside Adrian is to spend as much time as possible between the sheets with his boyfriend. Adrian adores his „cat” more than he can say with words, so he plans to show his devotion with a special present: for the first time, he's going to bottom for his lover. But the gift might be too much for Lal to take, especially when his former life as a sex slave taught Lal that's the one unbreakable rule: he isn't allowed to top.

For Marty, his relationship with his lover is put to the test when James' family balks at the idea of them as a couple. James can't imagine what his life would be like without his kind, attractive boyfriend, but is his love worth the sacrifice? The only way for Marty to find out is to put it all on the line…with a… (tovább)

Loose ID, 2008
58 oldal · ISBN: 9781596328013

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