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Andrea Cremer: Treachery

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From Andrea Cremer’s internationally best-selling Nightshade series, Calla Tor’s brother Ansel tells his side of the betrayal and treachery depicted in Wolfsbane.Ansel’s world is falling apart. The Nightshade pack led by his parents has been violently destroyed. His sister, Calla, abandoned her little brother, leaving him to answer for her crimes. And the Haldis pack that would have been his future is irreparably broken by Calla's betrayal. Suffering at the hands of the Keepers, Ansel is losing everything he's ever loved. The only chance he has to save himself means an alliance with his tormentors, and repaying Calla in full for her treachery. In this novella, find out why Ansel makes the decisions he does in Andrea Cremer's New York Times bestselling novel, Wolfsbane.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2011

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Philomel, USA, 2011
40 oldal

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