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Amo Jones: Losing Traction Amo Jones: Losing Traction Amo Jones: Losing Traction

My ​name is Phoebe Rendon. Growing up as the only girl surrounded by the Sinful Souls MC community has never been easy. Outside of the club, I had no life because my brother and his two psycho best friends kept tabs on me. My only out was racing at Point Hellers, the largest and steepest drift mountain in Westbeach, California. Cars were my life, and eight years later, that hasn’t changed. Only now, I have the funds to support my habit.
My love life’s been rocky. All I’ve known of love is twisted biker men from other MC chapters. Until I met Ryder Oakley, the lead singer and rock god from Twisted Transistor. He showed me the world in two weeks. Then one night he up and left me, without so much as a note. Now, two years later, I’ve been assigned as a fashion assistant to go on tour with Alyx Munroe, pop princess and diva queen. Only my shitty boss Maree omitted to inform me that Alyx Munroe would also be touring with Twisted Transistor. Just when I thought I’d forgotten… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2016

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CreateSpace, Washington, 2016
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