The ​Case Of The Cupid Curse (End Street Agency 1.) 2 csillagozás

Amber Kell – R. J. Scott: The Case Of The Cupid Curse Amber Kell – R. J. Scott: The Case Of The Cupid Curse

Book ​1 in The End Street Agency series written with Amber Kell.

Sam Enderson is a human detective who inherits a building from where his Uncle used to run a detective agency. He finds himself working for paranormal creatures despite his resolve to stick with humans only. To supplement his income as a new PI Sam rents out rooms in the large house.

Bob is a vampire and turns up on Sam's doorstep to rent a room. Sparks fly and Sam is attracted to the vampire despite himself.

Sam is cursed by a witch, and has two cases landing on his desk. Werewolves, annoying ghosts and a grumpy gargoyle are enough to drive Sam mad. But somehow in amongst all of this he has to find a missing fae and a missing shifter child.

The End Street Agency introduces a world where paranormals pretty much keep away from humans but they can't resist pulling Sam in when they find him on the edge of their territory. Everyone has their own agenda and it will be a while before they're… (tovább)

94 oldal · ISBN: 9781781842584
270 oldal · ISBN: 9781781846131

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„Everyone get the hell out of my bedroom!” Sam shouted. How could his room be busier than a subway system and he still wasn't getting any action?

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