Overcoming ​His Pride (Supernatural Mates 8.) 1 csillagozás

Amber Kell: Overcoming His Pride

This is book eight in the Supernatural Mates series, see the full series listing here

Andrew never expected love to come to him.

Andrew Everett has had horrible luck in love. His wife left him with a baby then years later his second relationship ended with his girlfriend turning into a psychopath. Imagine his surprise when two wren shifters decide to keep him.

Marlen and Chen have been together for years. Kicked out of their flock because of their love for one another, they’ve drifted from place to place looking for a home. One sight of Andrew and the pair knows who they want to complete their nest. But convincing Andrew of that proves more difficult than anticipated.

When a woman from Andrew’s past comes back, they have to pull together to protect all that Andrew holds dear. Will the three of them be able to find their happy ending, or will Andrew remain unwilling to be their nest mate?

80 oldal · ISBN: 9781784300692

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