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Alison Kent: The Beach Alibi

They're back. The men of the Smithson Group are smart, built, and trained to do everything well-and that's everything. Kelly John Beach is the ultimate spy, a go-to guy known for covering all the bases and moving in the shadows like a ghost. But now Beach is in big trouble: during his last mission, he was caught on video surveillance as he was breaking into a high-rise owned by the notorious crime syndicate Spectra IT. The SG-5 team has to make an alternate tape fast, one that proves Beach was somewhere else at the time of the break-in. The plan is simple: some-one from Smithson will pose as Beach's lover, and SG-5's strategically placed cameras will record the couple's every erotic encounter. But Beach never expects his „alibi” to come in the form of Emma Webster, the sexy coworker who features prominently in his private, not-for-prime-time fantasies. Getting his hands – and anything else he can manage – on Emma under the guise of work is a dream come true.

Kensington, USA, 2005
96 oldal · ISBN: 9780758206749

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