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Alice Hoffman: Skylight Confessions Alice Hoffman: Skylight Confessions Alice Hoffman: Skylight Confessions Alice Hoffman: Skylight Confessions

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On ​the night that Arlyn Singer's father dies, she is certain her destiny will find her. Some hours later a young man shows up at her door. Lost in a strange town, John Moody is an architectural student, serious, reserved, and deliberate. And he has no inkling that the tall, red-haired girl whom he has asked for directions will haunt him for the rest of his life.
John Moody takes Arlyn to live in a house made of glass, the Glass Slipper. Her life there is not the romantic destiny she envisaged. She dreams of escape for herself and her children, Sam and Blanca, but her eventual escape, too, is not the one she dreamed of…
Years later, Arlyn is gone, and Meredith Weiss arrives at the Moody house. Sam, now a teenager, is careening down a path of drug-fuelled self-destruction, while John Moody is tormented by visions of a red-haired woman in white. Meredith sets out to try to save this troubled family. But will her devotion be enough to pull them back from the fate they seem… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2007

Little, Brown Books, New York, 2009
264 oldal · ISBN: 0316058785
288 oldal · ISBN: 0316017876

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Alice Hoffman: Skylight Confessions

Magával ragadó családi dráma egy csipetnyi misztikummal, Alice Hoffmanra jellemző hangulatteremtéssel. Három generáció és a sors fonala… Érdemes elolvasni.

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If love could tie you to a place from which you never wished to roam, then wouldn't it be sensible to suppose that after death it might also tie the atoms that made you to that very same place?


The past was done with. Now she was made out of glass, tranparent and clear. She was an instant in time. One damp evening, two stars in the sky, a line of soot, a chattering gathering of neighbors who barely knew her, in the dining room. She had convinced herself that her futurewould arrive on the street where she'd lived her whole life if only she'd wait long enough. If she trusted in fate.

Part One: Ghost Wife


Blanca had been reading at the table. (…) she already preferred paper over flesh, ink to blood.


Don't let the cat out of the bag. It bites, it scratches, it eats mice whole, tail and ears and all.


Cancer was a spell with evil effects; said aloud, the very word was capable of putting a curse on the speaker.

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