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Alice Clayton: Mai Tai'd Up

Walking ​out on his own wedding literally minutes before marrying high school sweetheart Miss California Amber St. Pedigreed, Lucas Campbell decides to move his entire life, including his veterinary practice, from San Diego to Monterrey. They reside in the same state, but the cities are worlds and lifestyles apart. When Lucas meets Chloe Patterson, a woman with the body of a supermodel, the mouth of a sailor, and the fashion sense of a teenage guy in Seattle during the 1990s, he's blown away by how refreshing it is to find a girl who breaks the San Diego blonde, designer label wearing, actress/model mould. And to top it all off, Chloe's no stranger to cleaning up dog poop! She runs „Our Gang” ranch, a sanctuary for abandoned and rescued pit bulls. Lucas likes cleaning cages, feeding puppies and cuddling and cooing with adorable animals alongside Chloe. But is he just biding his time before his family expects him to fall in line and marry „the right girl,” or will Lucas and Chloe's… (tovább)

Gallery Books, New York, 2014
320 oldal · ISBN: 9781476766713

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