Iron ​& Velvet (Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator 1.) 3 csillagozás

Alexis Hall: Iron & Velvet

Kate Kane is a paranormal investigator, but her work of late has been slow…or rather nonexistent. That is until she is summoned by a Vampire Prince to investigate a death in the Prince’s territory. You come to find out that this Prince – the Prince of Cups – is actually a she, as the title is a formal title and not gender-specific. Being that Kate is a lesbian and completely attracted to the Prince – Julian Saint-Germain – she takes the job. Of course, since she currently has no work getting paid is quite the incentive as well…

278 oldal · ISBN: 9781626490482

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Marlboro Lights, he sighed. Barely a peck on the cheek of destruction.
I'm commitment phobic.

Bleeding_Bride IP>!

I have to rescue my girlfriend from a killer shit fairy, and I’ve got no way to carry my magic sword.

Bleeding_Bride IP>!

Here lies Kate Kane, killed in a foreplay accident. Beloved daughter. Sorely missed.

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If it wasn't for werewolf cousins, there'd be far fewer fashion interns, It boys, graphic novelists, bespoke shoe boutiques, and sushi-haggis fusion restaurants in the world.

Bleeding_Bride IP>!

“That’s so sexy,” said Julian dryly. “Hamster cheeks totally do it for me.”

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