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The Hidden Patterns Behind Everything We Do, from Your E-mail to Bloody Crusades
Albert-László Barabási: Bursts

The bestselling author of Linked returns with a ground breaking new theory that will enthrall fans of The Tipping Point.

Can we scientifically predict our future? It's a mystery that has nagged scientists for perhaps thousand of years. Now Albert-László Barabási-the award-winning author of the sleeper hit Linked- explains how the digital age has yielded a massive, previously unavailable data set that proves the daily pattern of human activity isn't random, it's bursty. We work and fight and play in short flourishes of activity followed by next to nothing.

Compellingly illustrated with the account of a bloody medieval crusade in sixteenth-century Transylvania and the modern tale of a contemporary artist hunted by the FBI, Bursts reveals that we are far more predictable than we like to think.

Plume, 2011
310 oldal · ISBN: 9780452297180

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